Wednesday, July 02, 2003

still trying to change the world

from a post i sent to SAS and AHS list:

Hey, here’s an idea for getting soc info out to the mainstream! Can you imagine having selected texts on things like the soc imagination, et al on something like this??? Little soc lectures, vignettes, etc? Check this out:

"Soft drink lids are the new flexidiscs? An indie artist called Rachel Farris is embedding her promo mini-CD in the lids of soft-drink cups at movie theaters. Her independent record label is embedding mini-CDs in the lids of soft drink cups at movie theaters nationwide and a few theme parks. Featuring not just a pair of songs that can be heard on regular CD players but also video clips and other content viewable on computers, the so-called enhanced CDs make TV and radio seem passé"

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