Tuesday, November 29, 2005

do the right thing, Duke-Stir!

I heard Rep. Cunningham on the radio this morning, tearfully admitting guilt for bribery. He said that he would, with whatever time God grants him to remain on earth (or something similar), he would make amends for what he did.

Hmmm, how about telling law enforcement about all the folks he knows in government who are corrupt? All of those nice, wrap-me-in-the-flag, slide-me-the-payment-under-the-table-to-influence-my-vote, people?

I think that would be a swell way to make amends, don't you? In fact, that seems to be the only logical way of making amends to citizens.
the pottery barn edict comes back to haunt us

Recall that Colin Powell cautioned Sr. Bush about Iraq using the Pottery Barn policy -- you break it, you buy it.

So, guess what? He broke it, we bought it...and are still paying for it.