Monday, February 21, 2005

okay, so she got it a bit wrong...

my 6 year old daughter went with one of the children's ministers yesterday to administer communion to folks who are unable to get out of their homes (local assisted living center). i asked what she did and she said that she did the "shredded blood of Christ" for them.

hmmm, okay. hey, i was just happy she was being of service, making life more meaningful for people that usually have no one come visit them.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

a dental visit

am i the only person who thinks that going to the dentist is like getting assaulted in the mouth? i know that they are not intentionally trying to hurt me, but i always feel violated when i come out. my mouth hurts from having to stay open for an hour, my gums hurt from them digging in them, and my teeth hurt from all the drilling and stuff. yuck.
okay, i know i'm naive, but...

wouldn't it be cool to be able to say things to people without them thinking you're weird? like, i saw this guy coming out of the Y yesterday. he had a great body. it looked like he worked hard at it. i was impressed because i could never have a body like that. i wanted to say, "wow, great body," but i thought he would clock me if i did.

similarly...i once told a co-worker that her eyes looked like the color of the sky. she thought i was flirting with her; i was just making an observation. i was looking at her while talking to her, and she was sitting in front of a window; i noticed that her eyes were the same color as the sky and i told her...what's the big freakin deal?