Monday, July 21, 2003

be a republican, blame someone else for your lack of accountability and responsibility

for the party that uses the concept of a "personal responsibility" as a bludgeon whenever it suits their purpose, it never ceases to amaze me how quick they are to blame others and NOT take any responsibility for their failings. Just like george took NO responsibility for those “16 words” that came out of his mouth (apparently he REALLY is a dummy that is controlled by someone else) dennis hastert on "Fox News Sunday" blames Clinton for the intelligence problems in the Bush administration!!!!!!!

but, hey, when you got bill "i gamble responsibly" bennett as your poster-boy for values and morality, it really isn't much of a wonder, i suppose.

I just wish these jerks would come out and say, “we hate anyone not like us, don’t give a damn about anything but money and power, KNOW that we are fundamentally better than any of you, and only do something seemingly noble when it benefits us.” Oh, but that would expose them as the selfish, self-centered bastards that they really are…I forgot that. I have to rid myself of these stupid “liberal” values like honesty, integrity, etc.

Are there any repubs reading this who can teach me how to be an asshole?

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