Wednesday, July 02, 2003

more brilliance...

sorry, not feeling all that humble today. what i just posted to AHS list:

"Yeah, I have already checked into it and depending upon how many, you can get mini-cd's for about .35 or .40 cents per cd (orders of 10,000 or 5,000). If someone can find a grant, it could be done fairly inexpensively.

I think hooking up with a band is a good idea, too (not sure this is what you were suggesting, but it is what I was thinking earlier). There are quite a few internet/new media/progressive bands that I could imagine might be open to passing some discs out at their concerts -- especially if they included a copy of one of their songs or video, etc. the mini-cd's can hold up to 50 megs of data, so there is no problem with space.

I don't know if Glenn Goodwin is still subscribed to the list or not -- if so, he might want to add to this, or not -- but one of the things that hooked me as an undergraduate was his association with CSNY. If you look on some of their album covers from the late sixties and seventies, he is included in their list of people to thank.

So, thirty years later, a new group of bands, a new group of sociologists looking to influence mass society, some new media? It has been done before, no reason to think that it can't now..."

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