Sunday, August 17, 2003

so, you want peace, eh? willing to go to any length to get it?

like working with the faith communities to achieve it? hell, yes. screw beliefs and ideologies, what is needed is action. get the friggin world violence-free, and then we can work out the belief details. if we don't, then there won't be anyone left to even consider beliefs.

here are some that i have found that look promising...Christian Peacemaker Teams, Baptist Peace Fellowship, Pax Christi. and for those of you who are skeptical of their commitment to peace above dogma, read about George Weber who was killed in a car accident while in Iraq -- the man was there, working as a peacemaker -- he gave his life for it.

i know there are more. actually, i would hold any person's feet to the fire who claimed to be a "Christian" and didn't work and advocate for peace and social justice. hey, there's an idea.

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