Sunday, August 24, 2003

hire this sociologist!

my day job is really getting in the way of all that i want to do. too much social change work that is needed and not enough time to do it.

don't get me wrong, i love what i do and the people i work with. i just don't have time to do that job, spend time with my family, write, and do all of the social change work that i want to do. what i do as a day job is program evaluation, so it is not that specialized of a position. i think that what i have to offer to social change efforts is unique. besides, i can't stop doing the social change work -- it is calling me. think of that scene in The Last Temptation when Jesus talks about God calling him and it is like a bird with talons in his head. okay, mine is not quite that violent (!!), but it is indeed something that if i did not pursue, i would feel miserable, unfullfilled, and in all likelihood, really grouchy.

so, what am i looking for? someone to pay me a salary ($50k would do it), so i can devote my time to JUST doing the kind of social change work i want to do. it will be a great investment, and that amount of $$ to someone who can afford to donate it, is chump change. that is the ONLY overhead i would require. i could do all that i need to do (including supporting my family) with that.

so, if anyone knows George Soros, Warren Buffet or any other philanthropist who wants to invest in creating profound social change, have them drop me a line. i can do much with more freedom...couldn't we all?

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