Thursday, August 07, 2003

it's the values, baby, NOT the person

sent the following in reply to a collague who had sent me some a very nice compliment (as noted below)...

> suggest. I seriously didn't realize anyone would be interested in
> reading my midnight rants on the place of sociology.

NEVER underestimate yourself or your contribution -- you have much to say. I think, we as sociologists do this too much. It is not so much about what you or I personally have to say -- it is the perspective itself -- the sociological imagination that is so profound -- all we have to do is demonstrate to others how to see the world this way and the change will occur -- that is our task - that is what hit me yesterday when I was reading your post.

> I am looking forward to meeting you. You are a true inspiration!

Not me, the values I strive to live by, yes, but not me personally. The values are inspirational and they will NEVER let anyone down. Trust me, I do and I will, I am human and I make conflicting choices at times.

I appreciate your thought, and thank you for it, but be inspired by those things that are truly inspirational -- they will serve you far better than I or any other person could and they will take you and the world much further.

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