Friday, June 27, 2003

sociology slam

had a cool idea tonight -- what about holding sociology slams? that would be a way to get the word out. my ideas are based on poetry slams -- here is how i think one might work (draft):

1) participants get a limited amount of time to provide a sociological analysis of some social phenomena. could be as mundane as mowing the yard or something as complex as social inequality.
2) they don't know what topic they will be given, but they do know what the time limit is.
3) they are given the topic, the time runs, they provide the analysis.
4) the analysis is judged by the audience, and by five judges. highest and lowest score of the judges are thrown out, the three remaining are kept.
5) next person goes, etc.

we could do it in categories like functionalist, conflict, post-modern, feminist, exchange, etc.

at the end, the judges (and or the audience) could provide feedback on how to improve the analyses.

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