Friday, June 13, 2003

i was watching cnn today. they had a spot about the prez playing golf. i looked at his face after he teed off. he was looking down the fairway. he looked like what he was looking at was important. a ball flying in the air, down a grassy avenue. i felt scared. here is the leader of the world (for better or worse) and he looks at a ball flying down a grassy lane as seriously as he looks when he is addressing Congress. i don't think that this is a good thing. i actually think that his playing golf as a form of relaxation is not a good thing, either. imgaine, if you will, Mother Theresa playing golf, or MLK, or Gandhi. non sequitor, yes? not unlike asking Mother Theresa, "now that you have finished working with lepers in Calcutta, what are you going to do? well, jim, i'm going to disneyland."

yeah, buddy, scary times, indeed...

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