Saturday, June 14, 2003

the new H2 -- Gated Community on Wheels

came to a stop sign the other day and one of the new H2's passed in front of me. something about the way the sun glinted off of the back passenger window that caught my attention. i wasn't sure at first what it was, but then i realized that it looked like bullet-proof glass. i am sure it wasn't, but it looked that way.

then, it hit me, this is the ideal american car -- a friggin armored vehicle -- complete with bullet-proof glass. isn't that the next step? we went from SUV's to Hummers, now to armored cars. makes sense, yes? damn, that ought to keep those terrorists and all of the other baddies we are trying to hide from away. see that bad boy barrelling down the street, you might think twice about tossing a WMD at it. bullet-proof glass, after all. hell it is that kind of technological protection that is going to keep 'merica safe. the stonger, bigger, steelier, the better. impregnable.

yup, gated community on wheels.

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