Tuesday, September 30, 2003

long time, not post

okay, it's been awhile...

discovering that one of the greatest crimes against humanity is the destruction of our native sense of wonder. rational-legal society cleaves that spirit and we loose our most prized possession. this is not about dreaming, this is about connecting with that which leaves us in awe.

i have been grieving that loss lately, thinking about the death of this body, about how limited this all is, how much there is to it and how much we miss along the way.

and i have three more children to raise :)

my current fantasy is to become a homeless person in Nepal when I am 60 or so -- just wander, anticipate others caring for me. i think i missed that as a kid, no sense i can't re-live that childhood as an elder, right? imagine how wonderful it might be to actually rely on the kindness of strangers as a way of life. i figure Nepalese are used to that kind of wandering person.

i know, i know, naive, etc. oh, well, a middle-age man can dream yes? who woulda thought that one of my dreams would be to be homeless in a foreign country, relying on others for my sustenance and actually associating a notion of happiness with that?

Mother save me...Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma,.........

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