Thursday, September 04, 2003

dreams, books, and intmacy

I had a dream the other night that i was in a library kind of place along with some other people. i was young, so the other people there were kids, too, with one adult, maybe a teacher.

I felt completely safe among the books. it felt wonderful.

I have always felt this way about books (in waking reality). they have always been a safe place for me. reassuring. comforting. nurturing.

I think with the dream, i know why. why i read a book, i am being intimate with the author. s/he is freely sharing her/himself with me. i feel honored. i also feel like it is reciprocal -- they are intimate with me by writing it , and in return, i am intimate with them by reading it.

it is like we are inside each other's minds and we are completing accepting each other.

i don't think you can get more intimate than that.

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