Thursday, May 27, 2010

James Cameron...epic tool

My review of Avatar (from a couple of days ago): Cruel, exploitive fantasy; some reasons 1) takes a "white" guy to save the indigenous people, 2) the indigenous people are victorious in the end, 3) military personnel are depicted as blood-thirsty dumb asses. Cameron is a tool. He should have just made a history of dominant-minority group relations throughout the world, that would have made him LOTS of money as there is plenty of blood, destruction and misery...not fantasy, either. What a colossal waste of money and time at the expense of indigenous people everywhere. Anyone with courage will just read, Bury my heart at wounded knee (Brown) and My life on the plains (Custer) at the SAME time -- no one has the courage to make those two into a movie because they are TOO !@#$% real.

Update (today)...Let's see...why the f*ck does James Cameron have to make a g-d cruel, exploitive fantasy when it is playing out before our very own eyes, again? Oh, that's right, fantasy makes money and reality...makes people wonder...can't have that, right?

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the movie's inherent disablism. It's better to kill, essentially, a 'native' and take over their life than to need to use a wheelchair...