Sunday, July 15, 2007

the world doesn't need sociologists, the world needs to change.

the media, corporations, and elected officials have been in control of our collective mind for many years. no conspiracy theory here, just reality. if you doubt me, read Propaganda by Edward Bernays, the "father" of public relations -- he boasts about controlling the masses. funny thing is that sociologists, some of the alleged "intellectual elite" have collectively failed to recognize this. i suspect that some will guffaw when they read the above -- more evidence of precisely what i am talking about; the best kind of social control is unsuspecting, ingrained, automatic, knee-jerk. happens to sociologists, just like anyone else.

we know that there have been thousands of young people who recently have died for "America" and we also know that America has no material existence (no, i am not willing to argue this point; if you feel compelled to challenge it, please regard this as more evidence of social control). does anyone really think that the politicians who put them "in harm's way" (such a noble phrase; reminds me of "collateral damage") give one goddamn about them? other than making sure that they master the requisite "sorrowful" persona they parade around in public when the topic comes up. they don't lose any sleep over their loss. we all know that GWB is in bed, asleep, by 10 pm every night...hmmm, one would think that he might be losing SOME sleep over the situation he has gotten us into, but apparently not (sociopaths are like that, so no surprise).

here is a Nobel prize idea for ensuring that wars are brief(er)...make every official who voted for the war, view a picture of every soldier killed that day, everyday, every soldier, everyday, every soldier. they are always so concerned about the financial cost of war, how about getting close up with the real cost of the war?

the world doesn't need sociologists, the world needs to change.

here is a potentially powerful change wonders how many sociologists are guiding this (rhetorical question, please, no one tell me how many). one wonders who cares? people without food don't give a goddamn who gives them their food; kids who are dying of malaria don't give a goddamn who gives them their medication nor mosquito nets; African AIDS orphans don't give a goddamn if a sociologist or someone with no education whatsoever comforts them -- why are sociologists so concerned about being recognized for what they do...which is, what exactly? and why are sociologists not MORE concerned with actually acting to change things, screw who notices?

this has confounded me for years (going on 20); hence my decision to throw my lot in with the behaviorists. they actually have applications, based on years of empirical research and use them. they don't spend years agonizing over precisely what IS behaviorism or behavior analysis (and THEY have a bad rap).

i really think it is time that sociology grew up; privileged primadonnas who wring their hands in existential angst over the "meaning" of some ridiculous idea...while over 1 billion people live in urban slums. hey, no need to lose sleep over them, right? i mean the President doesn't, why should I?????


Fiat Lux said...

Abraham Lincoln visited the War Department every day of the Civil War and his remarks at Gettysburg show he understood that the men he sent off to fight often went off to die. But, it's debatable whether many of those men thought they were fighting for "America."

Sue said...

I am proud to say that in 28 years of teaching sociology, only one student that I have taught (to my knowledge) ever became a "sociologist." However, I helped thousands of students to become social workers, police officers, therapists, business managers, elementary school teachers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, city planners, etc., able to exercise the sociological imagination, and see the connections between what was right in front of them and larger social/economic/historical forces.

Jeremy D said...

I may be wrong but I beleive I understand your underlying message of there is to much theory and not enough practice. We can talk all day about scandels, propaganda, polticians telling us were being miss lead. But in reality were nothing but sheep, sheltered ethnocentric sheep. I think its becuse we are raised to think in the perspective of I only care about me and what benefits me now and today, no one thinks globally anymore and if so there trying reap some sort of benefit. I think we need serious reform starting with our values.