Monday, October 16, 2006

SEA Commercial

This looks like fun...!

Help SEA create that change by participating in our challenge to make a commercial that encourages participation in SEA and the restoration of scientific integrity through political activism. It can include major issues in science policy and information about SEA or anything else you think should be in it. Have fun and be creative.

Please include the SEA logo at least once in the piece, preferably at the beginning and end. You can download it HERE. You can use video, FLASH, whatever you like. To enter, load your commercial onto YouTube with the tag SEforA and e-mail them to us at

SEA members will vote on the best commercial. The winner will receive nothing but our eternal gratitude, the pleasure of seeing their commercial spread across the Internet and the first printing of the highly anticipated, universally requested SEA T-Shirt. SEA will promote the winning commercial or commercials through an aggressive campaign designed to turnout voters on November 7th.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Design your own commercial. Funny is good, edgy is better and contagious is best. All submissions must be received by midnight Monday, October 23rd. Click here for full contest rules and technical specifications.

2. Tell your video and FLASH savvy friends about the contest.

Don’t know video or FLASH? You can still help. Please consider making a donation. Your help now will ensure our campaign is set to launch the moment we have a winning commercial.

Any amount you give, be it $1,000, $500 or $100 will ensure we turn out voters and elect competent leaders on November 7th. For the legal stuff click here

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