Friday, January 06, 2006

rewarding craving

i realized this morning that craving and the satiation of craving are two entirely different phenomena and don't have the relationship with each other that we think they do.

sating a craving is NOT actually sating anything, it is actually reinforcing craving as a behavior. craving can never be sated as it is merely a sensation; it arises due to conditioning, and is reinforced when "rewarded" with the object of desire.



Gyrobo said...

Well, I could have told you that. It's so obvious. Everyone knew that already. It was in my dissertation.

I'm the world's foremost sociologist, and also a banker, marine biologist, ninja, pirate, cowboy, astronaut, and I don't even know if half of that is true. All I know is that sating and craving are two different things.

And that's that, partner.

johneglass said...

ooookay, gyrobo; hey, i'm slow sometimes, what can i tell ya.