Monday, April 26, 2004

new level

Article in Reuters about an Iraqi group (the Green Brigade) that have released a tape saying that they will kill three Italian hostages in a few days unless there are protests in Italy against the war:

I don’t recall ever hearing of a terrorist group making such an explicit demand on an entire country. I think it is interesting that they would be so forward about it. If protests do occur, it would certainly transcend the Al-Qaeda-Spanish train bombing-Spanish election outcome contention.

Talk about holding an entire country hostage. Maybe this is a prelude of how such groups will put overt pressure on societies - no longer inferences of outcomes, but specific social demands?

This does not bode well all around. if anyone protests, they will be accused of giving in to the terrorists. interesting way to shut down any type of legitimate protest -- accusing them of being sympathetic and/or giving in to terrorist demands

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